Our Process On New Projects

Our general process when taking on a new project consists of three main steps: Plan & Design, Build, and Completion. Below is a breakdown of how we handle these steps to complete a project efficiently and correctly.

Phase One Plan & Design

Your Vision
We will set up an appointment to meet with you and discuss your vision of the work you would like to complete.
Site Evaluation
The job site will be inspected and all important information will be collected, such as: measurements, site access requirements, permit requirements, and all other relevant information.
Plan & Design
Based on the acquired information from the meeting and evaluation, a design and proposal for the project prepared. This will include a rough estimate and timeline for the entire project.
We will email you the design and proposal that we've come up with. If you like it, we can proceed onto the next step, otherwise design revisions will be made until you are happy with the end goal.
A final detailed quote and timeline will be presented along with the project start date to be confirmed.

Phase Two Build

Obtain Permits
We will acquire any work permits that are required for us to complete the project.
Site Preparation
Any access, work areas, parking spots, and storage areas needed will be prepared for our team.
Tool & Material Delivery
The required materials and tools will be delivered to the job site, to prepare for the start of the project.
Our team will work on the project, bringing in materials and resources as needed.
Throughout the work, inspections will be done to ensure everything is up to standard.
Clean Up
Once the project is complete, the job site will be cleaned up.

Phase Three Completion

Final Inspection
We will make a final inspection, to ensure everything is up to standard and in proper working condition.
Final Cleanup
The job site is cleared of any remaining tools and materials.
Congratulations, your vision is now reality. You now have the space you've always envisioned, ready for use.

Contact Us

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If you are requesting a estimate, please include the address of the job and a good time for us to come and inspect the the job site. Otherwise, you can leave this area blank.


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